Redemption in Love

Redemption in Love IT S LOVE OR NOTHINGAll Amandine Monroe ever wanted was to fit in with her glamorous and wealthy in laws and live happily ever after with her handsome husband Gavin Lloyd Three years after the wedding

  • Title: Redemption in Love
  • Author: Nadia Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • IT S LOVE OR NOTHINGAll Amandine Monroe ever wanted was to fit in with her glamorous and wealthy in laws and live happily ever after with her handsome husband Gavin Lloyd Three years after the wedding, she s still nowhere near fitting in with her in laws, and Gavin has given her everything except his heart.When she finds out she s pregnant, she decides she can t raiIT S LOVE OR NOTHINGAll Amandine Monroe ever wanted was to fit in with her glamorous and wealthy in laws and live happily ever after with her handsome husband Gavin Lloyd Three years after the wedding, she s still nowhere near fitting in with her in laws, and Gavin has given her everything except his heart.When she finds out she s pregnant, she decides she can t raise her child in a home devoid of love If she can t have Gavin s heart, only a divorce would do.Gavin won t let the only woman he truly cared for walk away without a fight He demands full custody of their child or a chance for them to reconcile.Saving their marriage will require than expensive gifts and a second honeymoon If Amandine and Gavin can t overcome their pride and private fears, they ll have to let go of each other forever

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    • 3.5starsThe Unwanted Wife was one of my favorite reads last year and this sounded like it. Naturally, I had to read it. This wasn't bad. It wasn't great either. The sad truth isIt read more like a contemporary/harlequin romance than your typical NA. I feel like the author could have drawn out scenes/events/POVs more. The story could have done a lot better with more tension/build-up/angst.

    • WELL. I think the reason why I didn't enjoy this as much is because I felt like tons of grief could be saved if only Amandine and Gavin would sit down and talk it out with each other instead of making assumptions about each other's wants and needs. But I still like the angst and the make-up attempts a lot so-

    • I expected that this book would start 3 years at least after the previous, as the hero appeared in the previous and did not appear married then. But the books are well intertwined and there were no inconsistencies, just a misunderstanding from my side.Like in the previous book, I found that there were a few too many steamy scenes, even if without those the reconciliation might have appeared totally out of reach and unrealistic. What I really enjoyed in this book is that the heroine, who decided [...]

    • 4.5 stars. I love the premise of this story; it's my favourite kind of romance. Crappy marriage being resolved throughout the tale, seeing the highs and lows, wondering if the couple are going to make it and deciding whether or not you want them toWith Amandine and Gavin, yeah, I'm not going to lie. I wanted to bash their heads together. Quite a few times. A lot. Amandine, at times, was so wishy-washy, and Gavin was a bit of a prat. I mean, some of the stuff that goes on in the story, it just ma [...]

    • I enjoyed the set-up of this novel: what happens after Cinderella and Prince Charming get married in the wedding of the decade? The hero is a workaholic with inadequacy issues. He's a billionaire but needs "more" to maintain his self-worth. The heroine had inferiority issues and just wants his attention and love, not his ever-more-outlandish presents. The most unexpected character is the one who helps both of them to realize what's really important in a relationship. Nice way to set-up for the n [...]

    • If I could give this less than one star, I would. I only stuck with it for the Japanese practice. Good for practicing descriptions of people, since the author spends all her time describing in detail how expensive this character's clothes are, that's characters car is, etc. Very little conversation, so no good for conversation practice. Part of what makes it so awful is that it's supposed to be a romance, but the couple doesn't exchange more than one short phone conversation - I'm busy, let's ta [...]

    • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! To me this is my FAVORITE book by Nadia Lee so far!I LOVE Gavin and Amandine together. They are just absolutely perfect for one another. As I read this book I was pulling for them to make it, the whole time. I also LOVE the ending. This book is absolutely PERFECT!!!!

    • I didn’t have the typical emotions and feelings while reading this book as I do with other romance novels. This book kept me interested and very aware of the realistic tone to the story. We have the rich man who gets what he wants and the female just so thankful for chance to marry the man she loves, but that is the only part of this story that I felt was repetitive to what is already on the market today.Gavin while rich and successful has NO clue what it takes to keep a relationship going. I [...]

    • Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakRating: 4.5 StarsFirst of all, I fell in love with her name. Amandine is a unique name for a very special girl.Amandine had the all the luxury in the world. Her husband was worth billions – she has staff at her disposal, a yacht for their anniversary, and a jet for an apology. Who is she to complain? She was given everything except for one thing: attention and love.She had been married for Gavin Lloyd for three years, and even then, she can’t still find [...]

    • Review forthcoming on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveI received a copy of Redemption in Love, book 3 of Hearts on the Line, in exchange for my review.Amandine and Gavin have been married for three years, and yet Amandine feels as if there is something missing in their marriage. Gavin is a generous man, buying her gifts and making sure her every whim is catered for, and their chemistry in bed is amazing. Well it is when Gavin is around. As a workaholic he barely seems to have time for his wife, an [...]

    • blue-moon/spipp?artiJolie romance que ce troisième tome d’une série aux romans très indépendants. Nadia Lee a des idées même si tout n’est pas parfait. Si ce roman arrive en troisième position, nous voyons fort peu les autres personnages et l’on peut le déguster comme un livre unique.Trois ans auparavant, Gavin a épousé Amandine. Maintenant, elle a attend leur premier enfant, arrivé comme une complète surprise et elle s’interroge sur son couple, son avenir et celui du bébé. [...]

    • This isn’t like most romances. For one the protagonists have already found their happily ever after or so it seems. By society’s standards at least. They are married so everything should be rosy and happy in their world but it’s far from it. Amandine and Gavin have been married for three years, and yet they aren’t happy. Gavin makes sure his wife has everything she wants and needs except perhaps himself. He’s a bit of a workaholic and he never seems to have time for his wife. So when s [...]

    • I’ve read the other books in this series, but I do have to say this is by far my favorite one so far!My main complaint with the previous books is how predictable they were, and while that was still the case with this book there was enough going on during the course of it that it kept me on my toes.The characters in this book, I just LOVED. I completely loved Amandine’s character. I thought she was an amazing woman who stood up for what she wanted, and she wouldn’t do anything she didn’t. [...]

    • This one had so much potential to be a good read. I read the synopsis and was excited to dig into this book. However, after reading I have to say I was very disappointed. Amandine Monroe wants a love like her parents had. She never cared about money or materialistic things. Being married to Gavin Lloyd for three years have shown her she has had to change who she is to fit into her husbands lifestyle. She's done everything she can to keep her husband happy, but still hasn't gotten his heart.First [...]

    • My Rating:4.5 Steamy Stars!Favorite Quotes:“She and Catherine didn’t seem to get along that well. His sister Meredith had said it was because he was Catherine’s ex, though why that could ever be a problem, he might never know unless he grew a uterus.”My Review:I have come to adore Nadia Lee. She writes about the wealthy in such a descriptive and enthralling manner, I find I become totally immersed in her stories. So much so, that when I stop reading, I am a bit bewildered that I am not l [...]

    • I enjoyed reading the story between Gavin and Amandine. It showed that happy ever after doesn't end with I do but rather the beginning of the happy ever after journey. This story goes to show what love is all about after marriage, how relationship are built not only by love but also commitment , understanding and time to really get to know each other. I have enjoyed reading this story because it showed the reality of what really happens after the marriage as well as showed how to rebuild a relat [...]

    • Gavin has always been afraid of loving anyone because his brother Jacob has always stolen his girlfriends. Even though the has been married to Amandine for 3 years he feels like if he tells her that he loves her that he will lose her too. So he buys her extravagant gifts to try to show her how much he loves her. But that is the last thing she wants. She wants him to TELL her that he loves her. Will he realize what she needs before it is too late and he loses her?I like how all of these books are [...]

    • This book was really tough to rate. It was such an amazing book. Tooooons of the good kind of angst, perfect relationships, and amazing characters. HOWEVER, it completely lacks an ending. I think the author was either on a deadline or just sick of writing this one, because that ending was so abrupt it completely ruined the amazing book. This is how it reads-- Perfect couple conflict. Slooooooow build up to character changes for the better.'you cool? Cuz, I'm cool'End. Wtf? Whhhhyyyyyy?!?!

    • It's rare that you read a love story about what happens AFTER the marriage. Stresses of fitting-in, work obligations, in-laws and personality differences are not an easy topic to tackle, but Nadia Lee has managed spectacularly, while not sacrificing the fanciful beauty of developing the romance. Enjoyed the writing style and character development. Loved the series so far and will certainly look out for more of her books!

    • I loved this series since book 1. This 3rd book's storyline was different from the other 2. I liked how Amandine & Gavin acknowledged their marital problems & I liked the effort they put into making their marriage for themselves & their baby. Even though Vengeful In Love is my favorite book in this series, this was a nice book to read. I'm a fan of Ms. Lee & I can't wait to read the next book in this series.

    • This is a nice marriage-in-trouble book. It's totally obvious that Amandine and Gavin love each other but they can't seem to communicate with each other for shit. The constant two steps forward, one step back momentum might drive people nuts but it didn't bug me. I was confident that they were moving in the right direction even if they weren't.

    • Billionaire to dumb to seeBillionaire to dumb to see what love is right in front of him. Taking for granted and not telling his wife how he feels, might not be the best way to handle a marriage. Loved their story.

    • i really like this book, different characters and different setting with their own problems the book have likeable characters and its relatable. just cant help but hope things work out between these 2 characters

    • I really enjoyed reading this book. Gavin and Amandine's love story is a testament that communication is an impt factor to have in a successful relationship, aside from love of course.

    • This book is like longer version of HPs where the wife ain't happy in their marriage, so she wants a divorce but the husband is now groveling. CUTENESS OVERLOAD, freaking love this book

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