Seduction Aspen Greystone is a young woman desperately trying to escape her past and the memory of the man who broke her heart Shunned by the Were pack and abandoned by the man she loves she leaves the only ho

  • Title: Seduction
  • Author: Tarrah Betts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Aspen Greystone is a young woman desperately trying to escape her past and the memory of the man who broke her heart Shunned by the Were pack and abandoned by the man she loves, she leaves the only home she s ever known and begins a new life.Roan Sabre is the Beta of the Spruce Hollow Were pack Five long years have passed since he left his young mate due to circumstancesAspen Greystone is a young woman desperately trying to escape her past and the memory of the man who broke her heart Shunned by the Were pack and abandoned by the man she loves, she leaves the only home she s ever known and begins a new life.Roan Sabre is the Beta of the Spruce Hollow Were pack Five long years have passed since he left his young mate due to circumstances beyond his control But now he s back in town and nothing will stop him from claiming her He s prepared to fight for his mate and move heaven and earth in order to make things right.When Fate intervenes and tragedy strikes close to home, Aspen has no choice but to confront her past and return to the one place she d vowed never to set foot in again.But neither Roan nor Aspen are prepared for the intense anger, desperation and sexual desire that their unexpected reunion will bring.And when Aspen meets up with a man from her past, her life is altered in ways no one could have predicted What do you do when the one who broke your heart is the only one who can fix it Seduction is the sequel to Temptation Journal of the Wolves of Spruce Hollow Book 1.

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    • Tarrah Betts

      I am a Paranormal Romance author and blogger My debut novel, Temptation Journal of the Wolves of Spruce Hollow Book 1 is now available on I am constantly fascinated by the dichotomy of Good and Evil that lurks within the human psyche I am philosophical, quirky and sometimes sarcastic and funny Someone once called me a tart , but I can only assume that s because I m sweet and delicious D

    233 thoughts on “Seduction

    • Let me start off by saying that I LOVED the first book and thankfully only had to wait two days before reading "Seduction". I was so excited to read the second instalment. But it felt like a train wreck to me in all honesty. I expected immaturity from Aspen in the first book, her inability to see reason with Roans decision making process, especially given she had no idea what was going on, he kept her completely at arms length and in the dark. I expected that given the five year separation and t [...]

    • I wasn’t sure about the 2nd book in this series because I felt that there was an underlying ‘grooming’ element to the 1st book which left me feeling uncomfortable. I was really hoping that I was thinking too deeply (I’ve worked with both types of victims) but unfortunately, this book was worse than the 1st. If a reader has been traumatised by grooming or domestic abuse, I would advise that they steer clear of this series.Although Roan’s character expresses remorse at his treatment of A [...]

    • I loved the first book so much and was super excited for part two.By chapter five, I was feeling disappointed and hoping the book would get better. By chapter twenty, I hated it. The main character Aspen, who I felt for in book one drove me nuts in this book with her I hate Roan, I love Roan, I don’t want anything to do with Roan, I need Roan, I hate Roan. In addition, Roan is a complete asshole. They’re are reunited after five years and instead of Roan talking to Aspen and explaining things [...]

    • omg. This book sucked!!!!!! I HATE ROAN! HE IS AN EGOTISTICAL, MANGY PIECE OF SHIT! Happy ending my ass. There was an overload of drama that had me skimming most of the book. aspen was a freak to. She was so out there emotionally and flipped over everything. roan was a piece if shit because he basically raped her virginity from her, and then she was a love sick fool after. ugh.

    • I was really interested to read about Aspen and Ronan. I read the 1st book, and while I had some issues( mostly The maturity difference between Aspen and Roan) I was excited to read the 2nd.Unfortunately I DNF'd at 30%. Don't read more if you don't want to read spoilers.(view spoiler)[I'm just not a big fan of books where the hero rapes the heroine. Roan drugs Apens, she fights the drugs, he drugs her some more and then he rapes her. Sure she was into it at that point, however before the drugs s [...]

    • After reading the first book i was so excited to read the sequel. I bought this one as soon as it was available onlineBUTis book was only an okay read for me as it was not what I expected. Where the heck was the seduction? Based on the build-up of the first book I expected Roan to be doing a lot of begging to win Aspen's love and trust again. Instead these two rush into a relationship without talking or dealing with any of the big issues between them. And it does not get better between them thro [...]

    • Again, it took forever to tell the story. It just dragged. Nothing is yet resolved. Neither Aspen or Roan ever actually had real conversations concerning what was happening or how they were feeling. Especially Aspen the way she was shunned by the pack after Roan had joined the military to give Aspen time to grow up. She never once at any time he asked her why she didn't want to stay or why she was angry all the time did she EVER tell him. And the same goes with Roan, he NEVER once took the time [...]

    • RepulsedSo based on the synopsis I thought this book would be about something different. This author had as a warped mind. I almost didn't finish both books. Did this have beta readers? Typos and storyline was maddening because it had so much potential The Hero is disgusting. The heroine was a doormat. Brave yourself for spoilers that's the only way I can explain.1) I get she was young and he was young but the term mate means forever this is across the board, yes they hadn't physically done it b [...]

    • We left Aspen at age 16 and now she is 21. She has graduated, moved away, bought a car and an apartment. However, her mother has just died and she realises that she is all alone. Her world is crashing down around her ears for various reasons and then Roan casually saunters back into her life by sitting in the kitchen, drinking a beer. Now this by itself is guaranteed to make pretty much any woman turn into a spitfire but considering the history between these two then you can expect fireworks.The [...]

    • As the story develops I started feeling bad about Aspen because she is so ignorant. Roan whose job is to inform the new where's and to communicate everything sucks at it. He doesn't give out anything he rules it and gives out punishment. He is very extreme and he is confusing which doesn't help Aspen at all. When did it become her fault with the age difference When you think about it he should have been coming to grips with it instead of holding the anger and the resentment in. This turned into [...]

    • Holy god, what a book! I liked the first book, Temptation, but this one was so much better. I don't even know where to start!The sex scenes were scorching hot. I liked Roan a lot better in this one too, he was easier to sympathize with. The writing was gut wrenching in some parts. The author writes with a lot of emotion. I am happy all round. The book didn't go where I thought it was going to but the ride was exciting just the same. Please, please, please continue the story an write another one [...]

    • i didn't enjoy this one nearly as much as the first. While i appreciate the fact that she didn't leave us with another continuation i almost wish that she would have. I thought there were a couple of places that were a copout on how he handled a situation (training camp, and then just ordering her to forget) and that the forgiveness at the end could have been handled better. But overall it was good. Looking forward to finding out about his friends and how they find their mates:)

    • Strong Alpha male hero, Weres, hot sex. What's not to like? I loved both main characters and thought this was a great next chapter in their story. I am hoping for more as the author left a few lose ends, presumably so she can revisit the story and write another book. I'll be waiting.

    • I just want to say one thing. I really liked reading this book, but Aspen is one FRUSTRATING girl. Half the time I just wanted to punch her to knock some sense into her. She's so thick headed and only believes what she wants to believe even when someone tells her otherwise

    • So much better then the first I loved that story is now unfolding can't wait for the next one . BTW couldn't find it on smash words but found it on amazon .

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